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Staff Regulations

General Staff Rules

  1. Staff higher then you on the mod list are to be respected.
  2. You must be courteous to all clients. No discrimination against anyone!
  3. You may not playfully do things that impede on another staff members ability to help others or be active in the chatroom.
  4. Any type of unorthodox behavior that disrupts the chatroom or causes any disturbances is not allowed.
  5. You must follow ARCbot's Terms of Service and xat Terms of Service at all times
  6. You should help everyone to the best of your ability. If a user needs help in another language and a staff member of that language is not online, you MUST use the translator!
  7. Activity is required when in the chatroom. (when going away please go to AFK pool. No camping.)
  8. Never ask for any private information from clients. BotIDs and Chat names only.
  9. For your protection, the usage of TeamViewer is prohibited.
  10. Absolutely no interrupting! If another staff member is assisting a client, do not interrupt them and add your opinions. If you feel something else should be said, send a private chat the other staff member.
  11. Do not be cocky. Every staff member at ARCbots is important. Nobody is better than another user.
  12. If a user lower on the staff list is breaking a rule and you are a witness, take action. Failure to take action makes you equally guilty.
  13. Do not overwhelm clients. Welcome them to the chatroom, but 5 people do not need to ask the user if they need assistance, this is overwhelming to a new client. In addition, asking a client if they need help is no longer allowed. If they need help, they will ask.
  14. Do not use your rank to intimidate other members of ARCbot.
  15. You should know how to use the staff section of the website.
  16. There is useful information for you there and several different utilities that make your job a lot easier, and will eliminate the need of using the bot to assist you with gathering information as everything is visible on one page in the control panel

  17. Do not use your rank to access client information that is not necessary to what you are assisting them with
  18. Do not screenshot any information in the staff section of the ARCbot control panel
  19. All general chat rules apply.
  20. Staff must be appropriate in all chatrooms they visit
  21. Do not ask for promotions
  22. Do not spam the administrators with private messages whenever they are not online xat.
  23. Staff members must have completed the following commands: !myaccount , and !timezone
  24. !myaccount arcbot username || this locks your xat ID with your account. This will give you moderator tools on the control panel and allow you to be eligible for a free bot as a support staff member at ARCbots.

    !timezone || Click the link the bot sends to you in private chat, and then use the recommended time zone setting the bot gives you at the top of the page. It should be the same time as your current time in your country, and be the same time zone. Post this message in the main chatroom of ARCbots and look at the staff list to verify the time displayed beside your name is correct.

  25. Do not give your account password to anybody. To give friends access to your botid, you can use the BOTid access feature. If you do not know how to use this, ask!

Discord Regulations

The following rules apply to all Discord channels operated by

  1. Do not @mention ARCbot developers for any reason other than a global shut down or critical error
  2. Do not @mention @everyone in the servers.
  3. Do not continuously spamming servers. Post messages in as little messages as possible. For the same block of information, you should be posting in one message, not more
  4. Always post in the correct channels
  5. Information in Discord is considered to be confidential. If you have access to a channel that others do not, do not repeat that information to them. Never screenshot information in ARCbot staff channels.
  6. Do not repeatedly message about the same issue.
  7. Only assistants may create invites and modify discord user roles and nicknames
  8. All nicknames in discord must be recognizably similar to your display name on xat.
  9. No pornographic or inappropriate content is allowed on Discord at any time
  10. Be respectful to everyone at all times
  11. Do not spam the administrators with private messages.
  12. Banning Regulations

    The following guidelines for kicking and banning should be followed by all members of the chatroom:

      Inappropriate language (swearing, threats, disrespect)

      For minor offenses, a kick is to be issued to the offender. For second offenses or more serious offenses, a 12-24 hour ban should be issued. In all non critical situations, a kick should be issued before a ban


      Staff members who interrupt another staff member while they are assisting a client are to be kicked. Staff members who have been kicked more than one time for this offense are at risk of receiving a (mute) from an owner or main owner. Interrupting is disrespectful, and it is also overwhelming to clients. If you have information to add to what a staff member is saying to a client, please private chat the staff member and communicate with them. Only one person should be assisting a client at one time.

      Chatroom Raids

      The bot should detect all raids and activate protect (/pr) while using (kickall) to kick all guests from the room. In the event that the bot does not detect a raid, the chatroom should be put into protect mode.