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  • Chats oficiales/Tributos (Tiempo infinito)
  • Chats promocionados (24 horas gratis sin importar si ha sido una promoción de 30 minutos)


  • Staffs de ARCBot (Tiempo infinito)
  • Voluntarios (Tiempo infinito)
  • Chats nuevos (Si el chat no tuvo un ARCBot en 4 meses O el staff es el mismo por 4 meses) (5 días)

How to get that time

Official/Tribute Chats:

1. Setup your bot onto the official/tribute chat

2. Restart the bot

Official/Tribute Chat Staff, Volunteers, and ARCbot Staff:

1. Set up your bot

2. Do "!myaccount [ Username]" on an ARCbot

3. Restart the bot

REQUIREMENTS: Official/Tribute chat staff must have been a moderator+ for more than 24 hours.

Note: It is recommended that you lock your assigned xatID (with !myaccount) in panel. To prevent it from getting changed by others and having your bot become free.

New chats:

At first you need to check if you're Chat is able to gain free bot Time.

1. Go to

2. Use there the Command !ccf ChatNameHere

3. The Bot will tell you if you are able to gain free bot Time for your Chat.

If your Chat is able to gain free bot time follow these steps:

1. Make sure your Bot has no bot time on it and do NOT add some!

2. Setup your Bot.

3. Than just Start it, if it comes online it ads automatically the Time on the Bot.

Note: If the Free Bot Time started you can NOT Stop or Pause it!

Expired Free Bot Mode (Free Server):

This will appear when you are an independent user of all the above requirements and you have not paid the bot or you have never paid the bot, your bot will become [Free bot] and you will continue enjoying the following things:

  • Can not change: Status, Homepage, Tickle Message
  • Powers disabled on bot (Except: Mint, Animate, Nameglow, Namecolor, Namewave, Namegrad, Nameflag, Status, Statusglow, Statuscolor, Hat, Light, Blue, Green, Red)

Disabled Commands:

  • Commands that require a power the bot does not have
  • !youtube
  • !translate
  • !enablepowers
  • !disablepowers
  • !google