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Command Level Required Description
!uchat [room name] Owner Unconfirms an ARCbot from a chat
!arcusersearch [xat username] Moderator Shows ARCbot account potentially using that XATID
!useremail [arcbot username] Moderator Displays a censored version of a clients email address
!spendspare log [xat regname] Moderator Shows a users payment history
!mstart [botid] Moderator Restart a users bot
!botdebug [botid] Moderator Displays information about a botid and why it won't start
!arcfeedback [arcbot username] Member Creates a small survey in the customer's account, so they can rate a staff's performance.
!botidroom [room name] Member Displays the bot assigned to a room
!botinfo [botid] Member Displays information about a botid
!btl [botid] or [arcbot username] Member Displays the time left on the botid
!rtl [radio username] Member Displays the time left on a radio
!botidaccountlist [arcbot username] Member Displays the bots associated with an account
!ccf [chat name] Guest Check if your chat is eligible for 30 free days of time! (Chats that never had ARCbots only)
!timecheck [amount of xats] Guest Calculating xats in time: You can use this command only in xat ARCbot.
!spendspare check [xat regname] Guest Shows the amount of time that has been paid for but not added to an account