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Radio Tutorials

Getting Started

Create a radio

ARCbot.com members have the ability to take advantage of our radio hosting service UTuneIn directly from their ARCbot control panel account. This allows you to start and stop your radio stream from the ARCbots panel, and links your radio to your ARCBot account. To take advantage of this offer login to your account and look for "Create a Radio Station" and choose the plan and option you desire. Pay attention to the price rates, you will be making a payment soon for your selection. When you have made your decision, click 'Create radio account'.

After clicking 'Create radio account' you will be presented with a notification displaying important information. Do not forget it!

New radio information
ARCbot username & ID

The information contains the login link and information you will use to access your radio dashboard. (https://s2.utune.in/) All radio accounts are managed via this link. Keep your login information private and do not share it with anyone! Support staff do not need it and will never request it. If they do, report it!

Your username and admin password will be used to login to the radio manager.
Your Source/Broadcast password will be used to stream music from third party DJ software.

From this point, your radio is ACTIVE and will be SUSPENDED in 30 minutes if a payment is not made.

Paying radio

To make a payment, go to our chatroom and look for the ARCbot in the room. You will be transferring the amount of xats that correspond to the radio hosting plan you previously selected. In the transfer message, put your radio username and in the xats section put the number of xats you are sending. Enter you your xat password and click transfer. Your radio will then be paid and will not be suspended.

Your radio manager will display the date the radio is set to expire, and will allow you to add available time to the radio in the same location. Additionally, you can also start, stop, or delete your radio stream and can also skip the current song. For additional features, you will need to login to the radio server.

Radio Information

Radio Settings

File Manager Link

To edit your radio settings, you will need the link your ARCbot panel provided to you earlier (https://s2.utune.in) and the username and admin password.
Note:This is not the source/broadcast password. Click here for additional information.

Adding Files
Add Files

After logging into the radio panel you will see your stream status page. This page contains the tools necessary to start, stop, restart, and pause your stream as well as the additional settings available for you to modify. To add music to your radio, you will need to go to the file manager. The file manager is the starting point for any music file you wish to add to your radio.

It's important to remember that you will need to have the media file for the songs you wish to upload to your radio on your computer to upload them to the radio server. Once at the file manager, you will see all the files listed on your account. To upload new files, look for the Upload button on the bottom of the screen. Search for your file on your hard disk, and upload it to the server.

Creating Playlists

UtuneIn allows you to create playlists to store different music files. By default, one of these playlists are automatically set to load for auto DJ, so pay attention to what playlist you are creating or editing.

Create and save new playlist

Near the file manager link, look for the "Playlists" link. This will bring you to the playlist manager where you will see all the playlists you have created on your account. To create a new playlist, click "Create playlist".
You will need to name your playlist, and click save. Unless you wish to modify your playlist settings, the default settings should be fine.

Media Library

The Media Library allows you to place media files inside playlists very easily. You can simply click on a file name (or album name) and drag it to the corresponding playlist that you wish. Make sure to save your settings before leaving the media library!

Media Library

Chat Radio Configuration

Finding your Stream URL
Quick Links

Your stream url is the URL used to access your stream. It is also what you will need to get your radio station on your xat chat group. After logging into your radio account, look for the Quick Links link on the navigation bar.
On the quick links page look for the section titled "Your streaming server index page". The link here is your streaming link.
Note: Remove index.html/ and use: /; (example:;)

Putting the radio on Xat
Edit your chat

To put your new radio in your xat chat, you will need to first click 'edit your chat' on the bottom right of the chat (above sign out). On the Edit Your Chat page look for radio station textfield. If you see group powers, you have scrolled too far!


Enter your stream URL and click "Update these options". Thats it! Your radio will now work in your chat! If your stream is started, you should hear music.