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Website Registration

  • Before attempting to create a bot, please purchase the (bot) power from the powers store or a trade chat. This power is required by xat to allow a bot to connect to your chatroom. One bot is allowed to connect to a chat at a time (this excludes the gamebot).
  • Bots cannot trade powers, transfer xats or days or assign powers to a chatroom.
  • Never share your email, passwords, or details with anyone. ARCbots will never ask for your personal information. This excludes your username, email address, and BOTids.
  • If you do not know the commands of the bot, go to commands page
  • If you have trouble with your bot, visit the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • If you are having problems, ask for help at the ARCbot Chatroom.

Navigate to our website, https://arcbots.com and look for the register button in the middle of the screen.


You will be presented with a form requesting the following information (see example):
Registration Page Example
  • Username: Enter the username of your choice. This will be the username you use to pay for your bot and to login to your arcbot account.
  • Password: set a password (avoid using your xat password)
  • Confirm password: repeat password
  • E-mail: set a valid email address (gmail recommended)
  • Security Question: select your question
  • Security Response: set your secret answer (It will be used to recover your account in the future, if necessary)
  • Accept the terms by checking the "I agree" box.

If all the information you entered is correct your new account will be created and you can then login at the login page (found here.)

Initial Bot Creation

After logging into your new account, you will be taken through a setup process for your new bot account. This setup process will help you:

Setup Process
  1. Assign a bot owner
  2. Assign a chat room to your bot
  3. Update bot power and give the bot main owner
  4. Add bot time (your trial time)
  5. Confirm your new bot in your chat

At any point through this setup process if you wish to move forward to the next step without completing the current step, you may do so by clicking the "skip step" button as shown in the example to the right (below the list of steps).

Note: On step three of the setup process (see image below), it is important that you enter the password to your chat group. This is the password you enter to reset your chatroom, or to modify its background.

Chat Password

Notice: Please pay special attention to the final step of the setup process. For your bot to work in your chatroom, the bot owner or main owner in the chatroom must confirm the bot in the chatroom within two minutes of it entering the chat. If you do not complete this task within 120 seconds, you will need to restart the bot and try again.

Confirm Bot Requirement
  • At this point, your bot should be running in your chatroom with its default settings. There are many more features and options available for your ARCbot that are not explained in this tutorial. Some of our chatroom tools that are available are:
  1. Song Ratings
  2. Chat User Activity Logs
  3. Chat Message Logs
  4. Game Bans and game ban High Score Trackers
  5. Auto chat via artificial intelligence (AI)
  6. Responses
  7. Custom Commands
  8. Keywords
  9. Promotion filters... and more!

To fully understand ARCbot and how to use the control panel, we recommend spending time navigating the website.

Manual Chat Configuration

Assigning the power

If you followed the initial bot setup process correctly, your chat settings should already be configured properly and you can skip this segment. If you are setting your chat up manually, follow the steps below:

  • First, you must assign File:Bot.png to your chatroom. You can do this by typing " (bot) " in your main chat, and click on the power smiley and then click assign.
  • Next, click "Edit Your Chat"
  • Then click "Extra Features".
Example "Extra Features"
  • Look for the bot power and activate it by checking the check box to the left of the power name.
  • Click edit to the right of the power.
  • In the window that appears, enter 1510151 in the bot id field. Do not enter anything in the appbot field.
Bot Power settings
  • Click ok
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Update Settings."

Thats it! Your chat is now properly configured to allow an ARCbot in your chatroom!

Working the Dashboard

The dashboard is the homepage of your control panel and is set up in blocks for each botid as shown to the right. It contains all the essential pieces of information and tools you need to operate the bot(s) on your ARCbots account. From the dashboard you can:

Botid Blocks
  1. Start & Restart your bot
  2. Stop your bot
  3. Add time to your bot
  4. Freeze your bot time
  5. Edit bot settings

It's important to remember that freezing your bot time will cause your bot to switch from the premium bot server to the free bot server. Your pre-existing bot time will be frozen and will not decrease until you unfreeze your bot time.
The dashboard will display all the botids on your account followed by the remaining time and the chat name they are assigned to.

Starting and Stopping

Starting and Stopping your ARCbot is easy from the dashboard. Your bot can take up to two minutes to join your chatroom, so do not be alarmed if your bot does not immediately join your chat. If there is an error with your bot, you will be notified after clicking the start button.

  • To start or restart your ARCbot just click the green start button under your botid.
  • To stop your ARCbot, click the red stop button.
Start and Stop

Adding Time

Add bot time area

Adding time to your bot from the dashboard is flawless. After buying time in the ARCbots chatroom or from the buy page, you will need to add the time to your bot. On your dashboard below the start and stop buttons and the subsequent blue buttons is an area devoted for bot time. Bot time is measured in hours. If you purchased one month of bot time, you will have 730 hours of available time to add to your bot. Input the desired number of hours you would like to add to the corresponding botid and click "Add Bot Time".

Editing Bot Settings


To edit your bots settings, click the blue "Edit Bot Settings" button under the corresponding botid you wish you edit. You will be taken the bot settings home page where you can select which aspect of settings you wish to modify.

Bot Settings Homepage
Bot Settings Extended

At this point, you will also notice that the left navigation bar has become expanded with more options related to bot settings. You can now access the profanity filter, response manager, command manager, text replacements, staff lists, moderation settings, and the full ARCbots control panel to fully customize your botid. Some menus can be clicked to reveal additional hidden contents. The image to the right shows all menu contents revealed.

Each category of bot settings on this page are hidden as drop down views created with user accessibility in mind. Each tab can be modified independently without needing to submit your changes before proceeding to a new tab. In addition, each tab can be hidden and viewed seamlessly.

Bot Appearance

ARCbots allows you to fully customize the appearance of your bot. From the appearance tab of bot settings, you can modify the name, homepage, avatar, pcback, status, and hat of your bot. One important piece of information to be aware of is you should not include any codes for Nameglow, namecolor, Namegrad, Nameflag, namewave, etc in the "Bot Name" field. These should be entered in the "Name Decoration" area. It is required to have a premium bot for all of these features in the appearance tab to work properly. For your convenience, we have added references to generators you can use to make your bots name extra unique!

Bot Appearance example Bot Appearance Variables and Generators

In addition to name color, grad, and glow generators; ARCbots also offers the ability to include additional information in your bots name, status, and messages. The image above references the available variables to include. The variables will automatically be replaced with the information on your bot. For example, putting "Latest Power: {lpname}" as your bot's status will automatically replace {lpname} with the most recent power xat has released automatically.

Chat / Language Settings

Bot Translation Example

The second tab of the bot settings portal controls the chatroom your bot is in, the pool it should join, and the bots language. By default, all bots are set to join the first pool xat tells it to join. In most cases, this is the "MAIN" pool of your chat. For chatrooms that have a large number of members all the time, you may want to set this option to Pool 0: (Main Chat). This will ensure the bot always joins the main chat room. In any case, you can always choose another pool as well.
If you are a non English native, our translate feature on bots should be very easy for you to use. To fully translate your bot, make sure to leave the option to include translations in brackets OFF. Changing this toggle to the ON position will include the translations in brackets beside the bots original English text, similar to Xat's translator application. ARCbots uses a Human Translation system, meaning our website, bot, and wiki is translated by humans. Any portion of our services that are missed by our human translators can automatically be translated by google translate. To minimize grammatical and spelling errors, we try to allow only the most fluent native speakers to translate for us and try to limit the need of google translate. If you wish to have google translate translate the areas of your bot that have been missed by humans, switch the toggle from OFF to ON. Be aware that the usage of google translate will delay your bot responses by 1 to 5 seconds while text is translated by google.

Moderation Settings

Automember Example

The moderation setting is the most important section of your bot settings panel. The settings in this area are very easy to mess up, so please be careful and pay close attention to what you are modifying. The moderation settings are divided into blocks, similar to the dashboard. Each block is a separate section of moderation settings. The first moderation setting in this area is our auto member feature. This feature allows you to choose between 8 different ways your bot can automatically member users. Your bot can automatically member:

  1. Everyone
  2. Only users who are registered on xat.com with an account.
  3. Only users who are registered on xat.com with an account and is a subscriber with days.
  4. Only users who solve a math question. Users will need to solve a simple mathematical expression or equation. (5+3=?)
  5. Only users who solve a reading / literal question. Users will have to remove a letter from a message to be given member.
  6. Only users who have sent a predefined number of messages (chosen by you).
  7. Only users who have the same homepage set as the bot
  8. Only users who have a secret code word / message.

Moderation Toggles (Switches)
Toggles Example

The next area you will see on the moderation settings page is the moderation toggle (Switch) and profanity toggle (switch). To enable message spam detection, turn this toggle to the ON position. You can modify what the bot considers message spam later in the "advanced" tab of bot settings.

Letter Spam Detection

In addition to message spam detection, the bot can also detect letter spam. Letter spam is adding an unnecessary number of extra letters to a word that some may find annoying or bothersome. ARCbots allows you to define the max number of duplicate letters your chat members can post.

Profanity Filter

The profanity filter, the most desired feature in a bot, is 100% user customizable and offers detection in names, messages, and statuses. As an added precaution, we also include the option to filter the bot itself. This will restrict the bot from saying inappropriate words and replace the words with asterisks (useful for promotions and to combat abuse of !say and !gsay commands). When enabling the profanity filter, the bot will automatically enable the profanity filter for the language your bot is set to speak in. You can add additional languages as desired in the profanity filter manager here. There will be additional information on the profanity manager later in this tutorial.

Anti-afk Feature
Anti-AFK Example

Our anti-afk (anti away from keyboard) feature allows you to control how long members are inactive in your chatroom. In the moderation settings on the left below the CAPS lock filter toggle, you will see a bot identical to the image on the left. Here you can modify the max numbers of minutes a user can be away from keyboard in your chatroom, what action will be taken against them, and what rank your restriction applies to. The bot will consider a person away from keyboard after no messages or actions have been taken by the user. The bot considers a (tickle) an action: so clicking the bot will not consider you to be away from the chat.

Max Kicks before ban

ARCbots allows you to set how many times a user can be kicked by the bot before they are banned. To allow full customization, we offer the ability to decide the number of kicks for each type of offense that is allowed before the bot resorts to a ban. The length of the ban can also be customized in this area. If you want users to be warned only 1 time for triggering the profanity filter, choose 1 from the drop down menu. On the second offense, the user will be banned instead of kicked.

Bot Auto Messages

Bot Messages Tab

To edit the various messages your bot can automatically send to the users of your chatroom, you will want to find the messages tab of the bot settings portal. The message tab controls:

Message Variables
  1. Bot's tickle message. This message will be private messaged (PM) to users after they click the bot.
  2. Bots's connecting message. This is is the message that the bot sends every time it is restarted. Leave this blank for the default message.
  3. Gift Announcements: Every time someone sends a gift to another user, the bot can announce this is the main chatroom.
  4. New power release notifications. Your bot will post several messages in the 30 minutes leading up to a new power release.
  5. Game ban high score announcements: When a new high score is achieved for any game ban in your chat, the bot will announce it.
  6. New Song Announcements: Your bot can also announce when a new song is played on the radio in your chatroom.

This setting can be modified to post in a message, in the scroller area of your chat, or both. For this feature to work, you will need to use the !customradio <stream url> command.
Welcome messages can also be modified in this section of your control panel. Every rank in the chatroom is able to have its own predefined welcome message. To control message spam and bot speeds, these messages may not appear more than once for each user every 10 minutes. This means that once you join the chat, refreshing the page too soon may not guarantee another welcome message from the bot.

Message Variables

Just like the variables available for your bot's name and status, there are also variables available for your bot's messages! Available directly below all the auto message settings is an area that lists and explains all of the available variables ARCbot can recognize in its messages.

Advanced Bot Settings

We ask that experienced users only modify the settings within the advanced tab. If you do not fully understand the options available in this tab, please visit our support chat (here) and our support staff will assist you. A few important features are located in the advanced tab however, so we will explain these key areas for the purpose of this tutorial.

Advanced Tab
  • You can modify the symbol that the bot responds to for commands. By default, this symbol is "!". All commands must therefore be preceded with the "!" symbol (ex. !commands). To change this, just input the symbol of your choice. Your bot will then require the entered symbol to be used preceding all command names instead of the default "!" symbol.
  • Senior ARCbot staff who have earned the trust of ARCbot Administrators following a long period of dedication and excellent effort have the ability to access the settings and bots of our clients for client support purposes only. At your request, you can revoke their access. It is important to be aware that this does not remove the ability of ARCbot Administrators (Actavus & Nathan) or Xat Staff/Volunteers to access your bot in the event of abusive behavior. To revoke ARCbot Staff from having the ability to access your chat, switch the toggle named 'Remove ARCbot help staff from being able to edit your bot?' to ON.
  • The spam filter detection settings can be modified from this tab. This allows you to choose when the spam filter is triggered. You can choose how many messages in a row your chat members can post, and how fast they can post messages.
  • For your convenience, we have automatically set some of these toggles to on. Some of these features enable your profanity filter, custom responses, artificial intelligence (AI) in bot private chat (Have you ever talked to your ARCbot in private chat?), and more. Again, its recommended not to touch these settings unless you are certain you know what you are doing.

Profanity Filter

Finding the Profanity Filter

The ARCbot Profanity filter is a multilingual profanity filter that is capable of detecting profanity in multiple languages at the same time in your chatroom, while also informing you which language was detected in the message. By default, ONLY the langage of your bot is detected in the profanity filter. This is to include language conflicts in special situations where a word in inappropriate in one language but not in another. For multilingual chats, the ability to enable more than one language is available.

To access the profanity filter select "Edit Bot Settings" from your dashboard in the corresponding block for the botid you wish to edit. This will bring you back to the bot settings panel. On the left of the page on the expanded bot settings navigation bar, look for "MODERATION" and expand the "Chat Moderation" tab to reveal the Profanity Filter and Website Blocker links. Click on "Profanity Filter".

Profanity Filter

Editing/Deleting Words

This is the profanity filter page with all the languages available to be moderated. To select a language to be filtered for profanity, turn the toggle to the ON position. Editing words on the default profanity list easy. If there is a word on the profanity filter that you do not wish to be punished for, it is very easy to remove it as well. To edit a word or delete a word from the profanity filter, click on it and then click "Edit" on the top or bottom of the page. Since the list of profanity languages is long, we've added an "EDIT" and "DELETE" button to both the beginning and end of the list.

Editing Bad Words

If you clicked delete, you will be brought back to the same page you were just at, with the previously selected word removed from the profanity filter of your bot. If you selected "Edit" you will instead see the profanity editor settings for the previously selected word.
The editor allows full customization of your bots profanity filter for each word, not just by each language. In the editor you can specify a custom reason the bot includes in the ban reason instead of the default ban reason ARCbot includes. You can also modify the length in hours for each individual word on the ban list. You can specify whether the bot searches for the word in messages, names, and statuses, or just messages. You can also choose to modify the type of ban the bot issues for each word.
When you are finished updating your preferences, you can select "UPDATE". You can also select "DELETE" if you wish to delete the word from this area instead of the main profanity list editor.

Payment Guides

When making payments, please remember: # ARCbots is not responsible for any mistakes you make when buying time. Please make sure you do it right.

  1. We do not allow refunds. (View our T.O.S for exceptions)

Xats or Days

Example "Pay to this bot"
  1. Go to the Official ARCbot Chatroom and look for the bot in the room.
  2. Transfer the bot the amount of xats or days you want to pay (250 xats (19 days) = 730 hours/30 days of bot time.) using your arcbots.com username as message in the transfer window. You can pay as many xats as you wish. Use the !timecheck command to check how many hours of bot time is received for a specific amount of xats. You can use the command "!promo2" for discounted rates. (!promo2es for Spanish, !promo2pt for Portuguese, and !promo2ro for Romanian).
  3. If you forget to put your ARCbot account's username in the transfer message, use !addtime <username>
Example For transfer

Buy Page

The buy page allows you to enter coupon codes received by ARCbot Staff, and also allows you to purchase ARCbot bot time with PayPal.
Buy Page

Account Recovery

If you have forgotten the password or username (or both) to your control panel, go to ARCbots Homepage and click forgot password.

Example "Click on you forget your password?"
  • Enter your username. If you enter email, it will display your username to enter to proceed. This is useful if you have forgotten you're username.
  • Click "Sent Recovery Email"
  • Check your email for the email. The link in the email only works once. You have to wait 30 minutes between each recovery request.
Example of Recover Mail
  • Follow the steps on the webpage.