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Your Journey Begins...

Thank you for your interest in joining our Support Team at ARCbots. Without awesome people like you, our clients could not receive the best possible support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You are the backbone of ARCbots, and that is why it is important that we help you to develop into an ARCbot super-star from the beginning of your journey with us. This guide will assist you in getting started as a user who wishes to join our family. Note: This guide does not substitute actively using an ARCbot and understanding its commands and how it works. If you are unable to use an ARCbot, or unable to setup an ARCbot and use the control panel, you'll need to take some additional time before considering becoming a support team member.

Developing characters

Being a member of support at ARCbots exposes to you variety of people from around the world. You will quickly learn that everybody is different and requires different types of support. What is easy to understand to one individual may be harder to understand to another. Your goal at ARCbots is to help as many people as you can as quickly and efficiently as possible. Always greet people as they enter the chat room, and always thank them for choosing ARCbots when you are finished assisting them. After you are finished assisting a client at ARCbots, upon joining the support team, we require members of support staff to use the command !arcfeedback. This will send a feedback survey request to the clients control panel dashboard the next time they login to To use this command, you will need to know the username of the client you have just finished assisting, placing after the command as a second word (ex: !arcfeedback arcbots).

You should also get to know the moderators and owners of the chatroom, as they will be the users you are going to be chatting with while you are at ARCbots. We have worked very hard on keeping a professional team. ARCbots has a zero tolerance policy. Our zero tolerance policy forces strict punishment for all offenders who have commit acts of violence, discrimination, intimidation, slander, or defamation in which results in emotional or physical harm / distress of another individual. We encourage everybody to get to know each other, so introduce yourself to everyone; be friendly! We all help each other, and we are all one big extended family.

  1. Follow and respect the chat rules at all times
  2. Follow and respect the staff rules at all times
  3. Never ask for a promotion, temp mod, or any type of increase in rank.
  4. Never request any personal information from a client or their password.
  5. Do not attempt to cheat, scam, or defraud clients in any way.
  6. Do not accept payments for assisting
  7. Use the translator provided by if a client speaks a language you do not. Never inconvenience them by making them use the translator.
  8. When using translator, speak in full sentences will correct grammar and punctuation, so everything is translated correctly. Also speak in shorter sentences so everything can translate.
  9. You should know every step to setting up a bot through ARCbots without the need of referencing the tutorial.
  10. You must have a basic understanding of commands
  11. Owners are sometimes invisible, watching, and bot logs are sometimes referenced. Staff Activity is monitored through the bot and those falling below acceptable rates are subject to demotion.
  12. Nobody is better than somebody else, be patient when helping people.
  13. Never accept to login to a client's account on behalf of the client. Clients need to edit their own settings. You may teach and you may accept to TeamViewer, but you may not offer to TeamViewer a client. This is for liability purposes.

Immersive Learning starts with you

When you jump into ARCbots, it can be overwhelming at first. Move in moderation. Do not attempt to overload yourself with information, and try not to be too eager. Remain calm and polite at all times, and trust owners and main owners to guide you every step of the way.

In the chatroom as a Moderator, we expect you to behave in a professional manner with clients and in the main chat at all times. Since ARCbots is an official bot service on, it is also required that all staff behave appropriately on all official chats, and any time they are wearing the ARCbot logo, name, or brand. There are times where we have fun, and there are times things get carried away, however, do not be the start of any problems, or cause a disruption in the ARCbot chatroom. This type of behavior is one of the reasons our clients love our support staff, and the quality of support, our chatroom vibe is welcoming, friendly, and relaxed; you should be too! To properly learn and become immersed in our environment you need to build friendships with our current team members. Ask questions, introduce yourself, and never be afraid to voice your opinion. You have a voice, and it matters!

Jumping into Discord

If you haven't already, you should speak to a main owner or any ARCbot assistant and ask for an invite code to our discord server. Discord is where all leaners can communicate with each other outside of, and it is also where you will be able to access information and ask questions with the quickest responses. You will need to read the discord rules that are posted here before beginning to post in the channels. There are a variety of different channels (rooms) within the Discord server, and each have their own purpose. Please make sure to read all the channel names and descriptions and post your messages accordingly.

Discord activity does not substitute chat activity. Do not forget to visit the ARCbot chatroom and engage in support activities with clients, and always engage in conversation with other staff members. Discord is a location where everyone can be reached easily and to be able to compile information for future reference.

If I knew back then what I knew right now...

To succeed and stand out at ARCbots:

  1. Be exceptionally active. Both by hours, and messages posted. The more active you are, the more likely you are to receive prizes.
  2. Read the FAQ to get an understanding of common questions asked and their answers.</li
  3. Know that every client is different. Some people do not learn as well as others, and it is not your place to judge anybody. Sometimes, it can be irritating, but you must remain patient and calm with assisting users. Always thank them for choosing ARCbots when you are finished helping them. Not a lot of people do, and believe me, I am watching, and I think those who don't (i know who) are disrespectful for not following my directions :) Doing things that please the clients, and working for the clients, is what we look for in owners. If it is your wish to excel in ARCbots, then following all regulations is a must. It may seem like a lot at first, but you will get the hang of it soon enough.
  4. Greet users as they enter the chat isn't required, but is deemed as a polite gesture.
  5. Be friends with all your fellow ARC staff. Talk to them, and communicate when no other staff is online. This will help build your relationships with them, and help both of your activity go up as well.
  6. No drama, no hassles, no disrespect. ARCbots has a 0 tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, or targeting of another user. Don't do it.