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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my login pin?

Your login pin should be in your email you used to register the bot account. This is so your bot's xat account can be locked, and still be able to have ARCbot login.

How do I change the machine my bot is on?

This feature is no longer available due to abuse by many people when their bot was working perfectly fine.

How do I make other people bot mod levels?

Go to your chat and do !cmod regname/ID level Example: !cmod Samu 4 or !cmod 1000093 4

How do I remove someone's bot mod level?

Do !rmod regname/ID in chat

How do I get my bot to enable/disable a power?

To disable a power that the bot has say !disablepower [power]. To enable a power that the bot has say !enablepower [power]. Example: !enablepower NOPC and !disablepower NOPC

I get the error "k1 value empty, login fail" what do I do?

Your bot needs the login pin again. Check your email and input the login pin you got from xat (for the bot) again. If error still occurs re-input the bot's xat username and password into this box, then restart. If still an error re-input your chat room name or ID in this box. If an error still occurs change bots machine see #2 above. If error still occurs please take out a ticket on ARCbots.com

My bot is banning people when they do !mazeme or another game, how do I fix this?

Your bot does not have that power and if you're not going to give it the power, type !tblock mazeme.

How do I make it so level 0 people can't use the rank at all?

Type the command !minrank 1.

How do I make it so level 0 people can use the rank again?

Type !minrank 0 into your chat.

How do I add time to my bot?

Refer to the payment guides.

How do I deactivate the locks on my bot's xat account?

When you login or register scroll down and you will see Security settings, for Xat Account Protection turn it from On to OFF (unprotected). Next turn Xat Account Locking from On to OFF (not locked).

Can I have two bots?

You cannot have two bots on the same chat. But you can have two bots on different chats if you have two bot powers. You cannot assign one bot power to different chats unless you unassign.

How do I add a question/response for my bot to say?

In your chat say the command and do the following, !addq (question) (botanswer) (optional%recognition parameter) (optional only respond to this user) ALSO optional user variables: {uname} {regname} {name} {home} {homepage} {online} {ucount} {cc} {command} {chat} {group} {randomname} {randomuser} {randomnameID} {randomiserID} {randomnumber}

Example: !addq (Hi Bot) (Hi, how are you? {uname}) (90)

NOTE: If you want a question that is just a lone similie you will have to do ((similie here)) Example:* !addq ((cd)) (Hells Bells)

How do I edit my bot from my chat?

To edit your bot from your chat you must say !editbot avatar/name/hat/nameglow/home/cmdsymbol/commandsymbol/commandcode/cmdsymb/currentsong

Examples: !editbot home arcbots.com, !editbot commandsymbol @, !editbot name ARCbots are Awesome.

NOTE: If you want to move your bot from one chat to another by doing !editbot moveroom/move/movetemp/goto you must have the bot power assigned at that chat for it to work.

Example: !editbot goto ARCbots

How do I get my bot to speak another language? Do I need the lang power?

Go to your chat and say !speaklanguage (language you want the bot to speak here) - This will make your bot speak in that language using a translator. You do not need the lang power.

How do I set my bot to auto member people?

Go to your chat and say !automember [on/off/registered/subscriber,math,letter,messages], On will auto member everyone, Off will not member anyone, Registered will only member registered users, Subscriber will only member subscribers (those with days), Math will make the bot PC a user asking them a math question for them to become a member, Letter will make the bot PC the user asking for them to remove a letter(s) from a word to become a member, Messages will make the bot member the person after a certain amount of messages.

Example: !automember messages 5.

Can I change the name of a command?

Technically no. But you can create an alias for the command so when you say a certain word the command does what you want. With alias you can re-name a command to something else. So in your chat say !alias (original command) (new alias command)

Example: !alias (!say) (!copy)

I forgot my password to my arcbots account what do I do?

Go here password recovery and fill out the information required then check your email that you registered the arcbots account with.

I don't want my arcbots account anymore how do I delete it? What happens to the days I have on it?

You cannot delete your arcbots account, it is best just to leave it idle. As for the days on it we cannot do anything about that, we do not give refunds except for certain reasons (see our T.O.S), so you can either use the days on the account or you can just let them die out.

Can I transfer the days on my account to another account?

No, you cannot transfer days from one account to another whether you are giving them to a friend or getting them from another account. The reason is, we cannot verify that the account is yours and that you truly paid for the days on it.

How do I get my bot to do a welcome message to people?

Go to your chat and say !welcomemsg [text here] ALSO OPTIONS: {uname}{name}{home}{homepage}{online}{cc} - uname says the regname of the person, name says the username of the person, home says the homepage of the person, homepage says the bots homepage, online says the current users online in the room, cc says the current command symbol for the room. Your username is {name} and your current homepage is {home}. There are currently {online} users online.

The command symbol for this chat is {cc}. Example: !Welcomemsg Welcome {uname}.

"Your bot is either working perfectly or has an unknown error". But my bot does not come to my chat.

If this does occur then please go to our Unknown error page and follow what is required.

I love ARCbots so much! What can I do to help or support ARCbots?

We are glad you love ARCbots. To help us you can either donate to ARCbots by going to the Donate page, this will help us pay our server bills. Or you can support us on xat by using one of our custom made avatars for xat (still and moving avatars included), these can be found by clicking Support Us.

How do make the Game Bot start?

You first have to be the Main Owner or have the Bot Cpanel access (Level Required). First you must enter an app for a game, then type !autogames choose, choose the game and then do !autogames toggle on. Next you want to set the times, so do !times - - -, Time, level/rate, results. Times depend on game. You can then set a prize by doing !prize - xats or days, if you have added a prize to the gamebot (by transferring to it) then you can do that. Finally you can start the game by typing !start.

How do I find the ID of my chat room?

You can go to any bot and do !getroomid [room], the bot will give you the ID of the room. Example: !getroomid chat Bots response: Room [ chat ] is ID [ 123 ]

What do i Do If my Bot Comes online for couple seconds and keeps leaving?

You Have to check your bots xat email for a login pin. Once you find the Email you have to copy and paste the numbers into cpanel. Then Restart your bot. If the login pin doesnt come you have to go into cpanel and find bot machine changer and then change the bot to a different server and then check your bots xat email for a login pin

What do I do when a Premium bot comes in my chatroom?

When your Premium bot comes in your chatroom, either an owner or a Main Owner has to do this command and they only have 1 minute to do this before the bot dissapears: !confirmbot