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A little information before creating a Radio

1) You must have ARCbots account to be able to create Radio in the ARCbots panel Only if it is an ARCbots radio
2) You do not need an Email or username, it is created based on ARCbots account.
3) Payment is made in chat at ARCbot bot «
4) You can pay in xats or days, you can also use the time from BOTs for radio.
5) You only need 5 minutes to add your Radio in chat or on the website.
  • Payments Radio

Settings Radio

1) Go to Radio page filemanager
2) Go to Radio page playlists
3) Go to Radio page library
Enjoy the radio, work fine
  • Radio server
  1. From your server radio Remove: index.html and use: /stream or /;
Radio Server

Chat settings

Chat settings

Exatra Features

Extra Features

Use the link server radio - Update these Options

Update these options


    • 1) Where can I make a player for chat or website?
  • Here you can create Player for WEBsite and XAT.
    • 2) Why doesn't play/start music on the radio server?
  • Check if the radio server has time, maybe you have to pay, if you can't solve the problem please visit
    • 3) How much free time does the radio have before I pay?
  • The newly created radio has 30 minutes.
    • 4) What is the price?
  • The monthly price is 250 xats [you can also pay between 10 xats and 10,000 xats, ARCbots calculates the automatic time with transferred xats].
    • 5) What happens if I don't pay?
  • If the radio is not paid after 14 days, the radio may be suspended and you may not be able to recover, you will need to create a new radio server.
    • 6) I don't have 250 chats, I only have 125, can I pay for the radio with how much I have?
  • YES, It cannot be below 10 xats and above 100,000 xats
    • 7) There is no one in the chat, who can help me?
  • Open a ticket someone from the staff members will respond as soon as possible.
    • 8) I made the wrong payment, instead of paying Radio I paid the bot, what can I do?
  • Come here « « Check example ImagesGIFF